Anonymous said: Hey there, I just discovered this blog and I've been reading many pages back, and I'm wondering something. I understand the white africans are not africans thing, but wouldn't the same be true of non-native american americans?

I don’t think so but I am not qualified to ask this question, I am not American.

maybe followers could reply to this please?

Angry African Girls United

Hi! There is a new blog called  angryafricangirlsunited, and please show them some love. 
  • It’s a safe space for African women.
  • Anyone can follow the blog as long as you’re not invading their safe space. 

Thank you! And I love your blog! xx

Anonymous said: Do the admins have personal blogs? Sorry if you have FAQ sections, I couldn't find it.

Yes, we have personal blogs.

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Anonymous said: Thank you for your response!:))

You’re very welcome, anon

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Anonymous said: whole braided hair, really? I never saw this on a light skin/white passing person there. Does it also apply for the other north african countries (Algeria, Tunesia...)?

I have known light skinned Imazighen in Morocco to braid all of their hair, yes.

I’m Moroccan, I can only speak for my countries culture.

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Anonymous said: hi! ok so i just saw an old friend: she's a non-black morrocan with (whole hair) braids... Is this normal? I know that even if you're light skin in Nigeria for exemple you can have braids because it's part of your nigerian culture bc in each country there is a special braiding etc. But maybe I'm wrong... thanks in advance :)

In Morocco we braid our hair too. It’s part of our culture.

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serenasirenjamaica said: Can the Nigerian anon living in Ireland plzzzzz tell us about your experience there? I'm Jamaican and I'm thinking of going to school in Ireland. Even if you want to just leave private asks in my inbox I would really really love to know your experience.

to the naija anon!

rubyknits said: Hope things work out for you! I sent a small donation.

thank you SO much, i saw yuour donation. you are a star and a half <3


Anonymous said: Which European country are you from? I'm first gen Nigerian living in Ireland! :)

*gasp* come out of anon!