Anonymous asked: Black Europeans are Europeans because they didn't colonize the land? What kind of fucking ridiculous logic is that? So what if Whites colonized Africa? Ever heard of conquering? EVERY fucking country exists due to it. Whites took the land through war and having a bigger stick, which makes it THEIR land. Look up the term "by right of conquest:.

orr you can just die and rot somewhere in a ditch dumbass

Anonymous asked: Ya no if white people born and raised in Africa ain't African, black people born and raised in Europe (by your ridiculous definition) ain't European.

i already previously explained why your argument is false so either read it or go away 


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Anonymous asked: So if white Africans are Africans by paper does that make black Europeans European by papers? Because both immigrated to their respective places at one point or another.

Blacks are still Europeans because they have never immigrated to colonise Europe, in contrast to white people who immigrated to colonise most of Africa. Black people today immigrate to Europe due to a history of colonisation (Africans who speak english immigrate to the UK, Africans who speak french immigrate to France etc. these countries colonised Africa)

Anonymous asked: I'm the last anon who asked about white Africans calling themselves African- I agree white Africans should recognise the fact that they reap the benefits of a very racist society, and unfortunately I have met very few who will admit this. Anyway thanks for answering my q, I learn a lot by reading your blog I really like it!

its cool if whites admitted as a collective that they still reap the benefits of what their ancestors put in places against real Africans today, then that’s a start. but like you said yourself, very, very few want to admit it. so none of them have the right, in fact, its disgusting that they think they’ve the right to call themselfs african. they will never be, no matter what they think

Anonymous asked: Love this blog. Power to ya xxx

thank you x

Anonymous asked: Why can Europeans be black when Africans can't be white? I get where you're coming from but a considerable amount of white people from African countries weren't directly involved in said country's colonisation or the perpetration of horrible racism. It's their identity and you can't just strip people of that. Maybe they're not 'African' by some standards(obviously it's not their ethnicity) , but they have the right to call themselves Motswana/Botswana, Zimbabwean, etc, bc it's their nationality

the reap the benefits of white supremacy, even setting up whites-only bars and hotels in many african countries and will never be racially excluded if they visit western countries, unlike real Africans who 100% will- the least they can do is admit they benefit completely and utterly part of a white supremacist structure and stop calling themselves africans. they’re fake. 

Anonymous asked: They're not European if they're not personally from Europe, though. Ancestrally, yeah, but so are Euro-Americans. And the only ones of those who call themselves "European" (and not some specific hyphen, like Italian-American and so on) are usually flaming racists. "White South African" is a category, and it's different from just "African," and means something very different. But "European" doesn't work.

cocacolatitties asked: Hey weareallmixedup is a blog for biracial and multiracial POC!


butnowyoureinmyway asked: would it be better for a white person bron in South Africa to say "I'm from S Africa" instead of "I'm South African"?